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The 4 most important components of ACT mastery

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Here I review the 4 most important components of mastering the ACT. They include:

  1. Experience

  2. Endurance

  3. Analysis

  4. Psychology

As you begin to take your practice tests and watch the video lessons, you will begin to notice patterns in how the questions are asked. The good news is that there are only so many types of questions they can ask you. This is because the ACT is a standardized exam.

As you become comfortable with the types of questions asked you will notice that completing the sections of the ACT becomes easier. You have, indirectly, improved your ability to focus. You will also notice that you become faster when completing these sections.

It is critical that after completing your practice tests that you grade it. Circle each incorrect question and review it. When reviewing, ask yourself, "could I have answered this correctly?" If so, then make it a point to really understand why it is you got this question wrong initially. You will see that question again, you wont get it wrong twice.

Finally, it's important to try and stay relaxed. Studies have shown that you're not on your "A game" when you're panicking. Most students are panicking when they take their first ACT and for this reason they generally have to take the exam again. Remember, with enough practice (6 tests) you will have 1) seen about 90% of the questions you will encounter on the real ACT, 2) you will stay focused longer and the test becomes easier, 3) you will be confident in your answers because you will have the skills on how to select the best answer, and 4) you won't need to panick.



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